Ryan H.

My son Ryan has a rare brain disorder called Schizencephaly. He was born with this and it caused his different abilities. His full Dx are:Schizencephaly-cleft in skull Bifrontal , Non verbal, SQCP, Developmental Delays, GERD, 100% G-Tube, Congenital Nystagmus with poor vision,Optic Nerve Pallor of both eyes,Hyperopia, legally blind, Seizures and Reactive Airway Disease. He recived a trach on 7-24-2006 due to respitorary arrest after hip surgery. He was on a vent and in the hospital for 5 weeks. AreoTrach treatments, Oral/trach Suction if needed, Stander, Wheel Chair full time,AFO’s, Wrist Splints. We finalized Ryan’s adoption on 8/18/2006 while we were in the hospital he is a true blessing and another gift from God.