When Lucas was born  he was healthy,walking,talking,and everything a baby should be doing,around 13 months he started having seizure’s,though he was having the seizure’s it didn’t seem to effect any thing else.when he turned about 18 months he lost his hearing, then a few months later he lost the ability to do everything.He couldn’t walk ,talk,or even sit up on his own,the doctors are all at a loss,the have no clue why this has happened.Now he is 9 and through the years he has had pneumonia 25 time he has the abilities of a 4 month old baby.his body has regressed he now has a heart problem, seizures,lung problems,gastric problems,dental problems,his shoulders, knee’s,and elbows dislocate all the time,he also has a mild dislocation of the left hip,now he has urine reflux which could be a result of a neurogenic bladder. at this time he is undiagnosed to receive any kind of benefits he was giving a diagnosis of a progressive degenerative disease.Lucas loves to watch sports his favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New Jersey Devils and the New York Mets, he  loves cars, toy story, balloons and trees, he does not like cold water, nasty weather, and being with out his mommy. No matter how much this child goes through he always has a smile on his face,and is  very lovable.