When I was 20wks. pregnant with Kynzer I had PROM(premature rupture of membranes)My doctor told me that he would be born within 48 hours and he had no chance of survival.  Well Kynzer had other ideas…I was able to hold off until 27 weeks before I went into labor and had a c-section.  This was after strict bedrest and a long hospital stay.  Because of the PROM Kynzer’s lungs were in horrible shape.  Worse than the average 27wk. preemie.  He was vented for 6 1/2 weeks on 3 different kinds of vents. just to try and keep him oxygenated. Because of the lack of oxygen he had a bilateral grade 3 brain bleed which required a VP shunt.  After 15 weeks in the NICU I was finally able to bring him home!  He did great until he was 9 months old and had to have a shunt revision which he breezed thru.  When Kynzer was 18months old he was diagnosed with spastic diplegic CP…but we were not surprised because of his brain bleed we knew this was a strong possibility.  Around 2 yrs. old Kynzer learned to run …not walk with his walker.  He didn’t…and still doesn’t like to go slow! When he was 4 we found out that he had a trapped 4th ventricle and would require yet another shunt.  That was placed in May and before the end of the yr. he had 13 surgeries!  The road we have traveled shunt wise has been rocky at best!  In his 8 yrs. he has had 33 surgeries…but he bounces back after each one ready to go.  He is like any other 8yr. old boy that likes to run and play. Loves Hotwheels!!  Video games…playing in the dirt…swimming…everything other kids his age do.  His walker doesn’t slow him down…as a matter of fact I am always telling him to slow down.  He has a wheelchair but in the 2 yrs. we have had it I think he has used it 2x’s.  He would much rather walk.  I think the most valuable piece of information that I have been given about Kynzer was given to me by his first neurosurgeon who told me to not let Kynzer’s diagnosis define him!  He is just a normal little boy and as long as we treat him that way things will be good.