Diagnosis:  Neurofibromatosis and Severe Tracheomalacia
Our story is about my son, Jamie.  He was born 4 weeks early and was having trouble breathing from the start.  He had to have a trach when he was just 3 months old because of his tracheomalacia.  At just 2 years old he was still having difficulty with his breathing and had to have a ventilator to breathe all the time.  He could breathe on his own some but he needed the extra help.  At 5 years of age, he had a really bad bowel obstruction and we were told that he was going to die.  That I needed to call all of our family to see him before he went into this surgery because he was not going to survive the surgery.  Later that year he had to have rods put in his back for his 67 and 72 degree curves from Scoliosis. 
Jamie loves NASCAR and has been to two races.  He loves playing with his race car collection.  His favorite driver is Mark Martin and has many items with his name on them.  He is fun loving and has a great personality. 
Jamie has had many obstacles to over come and has been given many miracles.  He is an inspiration to everyone he meets.  I have finally gotten the courage to put it all down on paper and have published a book about him.  I have also started a blog to help me get through the rough times.  You can see them both @ www.MyMommyNeedsALife.com  I named my blog what I did, because even though life is hard and can be completely consuming with our children and what they need, we do need to balance being a mom to a very special child and being a wife/woman/daughter/friend.  It is possible to have it all.  That is what my son, Jamie has taught me.