Jacob is a extremely loving and active child.  He has these big blue eyes, curly blonde hair, and smile that makes you melt.He is five years old and was diagnosed with Autism PDD-NOS on Valentine’s Day at age 2.  He loves snuggling with mom & dad, trains, playing outside, and swimming!  Jacob has come so far, he was non-verbal with no eye contact and very few skills.  He now says a few sentences and will repeat most anything you tell him to.  He is a genius when it comes to puzzles and problems solving but is struggling with social interaction.  Jacob is attending Kindergarten and doing amazing!  He is reading 3 word sentences and finds arts and crafts to be so much fun.  He is anticipating a new baby sister and enjoys playing with the “baby sister” doll we got for him to practice being gentle with.   While he used to be terrified of dogs, we purchased a black lab puppy (now 7 months old) He refers to him as his “baby brother.” This child has blessed our lives and molded my family into the people we wanted to be.  He is the greatest example of the gifts God blesses us with.