Hunter S.

My son Hunter S. is 4 years old and does not have a diagnosis. They cannot find a thing wrong with him. The doctors have told me that on paper he is a completely normal child, but obviously he is not. Hunter was born at 40 weeks and I had a smooth labor and delivery. When he was born he passed all the tests that they run and was given a full bill of health. The bill did not last too long. When Hunter was 6 days old he was readmitted into the hospital for sleep apnea. He was put on a monitor for 6 months and we never had any problems with it. My sister had a daughter that is 3 days older than Hunter. When Hunter was a month old I took him to the doctor and they put him on three different medications; codeine with prementhezyne, zyrtec and pediatex. At 3 months, we took Hunter and Bella to have pictures taken and he would not lift his head while on his stomach. Hunter would not roll over or attempt sitting. He never cried and was content any way that you put him. He would not wake up on his own to eat and we always had to wake him. My sister had to breastfeed him for the first 4 weeks of his life. The entire time that we thought he was nursing off of me, he was not getting anything. My milk did not come in and the poor child was starving! I would continually take him to the doctor and he would tell me Hunter was just lazy and eventually he would catch up. He was having ear infections every pay period and had to go in every 2 weeks. I finally told the doctor something was wrong with Hunter and it was not that he was being lazy. The doctor told me that if he was not doing anything at his 9 month check up we could contact ECI. ECI was contacted and they finally came out to see him. They were concerned that they had not been contacted sooner and said that the sooner they are contacted the easier and better chance it is for them to catch up. ECI came out to do all their therapies and helped out with Hunter alot. Hunter cannot walk, crawl, talk or eat solid foods. He is currently in the PPCD program with our local elementary school. We’re starting to have the hands in the pamper issue, but hope to overcome that some how. Maybe big boy onesies! He is no longer with ECI, but still has his PT, OT and ST once a week! Hunter has made progress, but I cannot wait for the day that he walks and talks. He now somewhat enjoys a happy meal from McDonalds and I get butterflies when I see him chewing on the burger and fries. Hunter is now a big brother and is picking up some habits from his brother. Jonah is 100% normal and is doing the things he is supposed to right on target.