On August 16th 2007, I had my twins. A boy and a girl. They were born at just 30 weeks, weighing in only at 3 pounds each. Even though they were little,  Life was perfect. Or so I thought. After going home from the hospital, I knew something was wrong with my little perfect, sweet, innocent, beautiful Gracie Girl.  She cried 24 hours a day. She didn’t want to eat, she was constantly so tight, (her limbs), not the strongest man in the world could bend her legs when they were extended. I knew something was wrong. I am her mother. I have an older child. Meaning, I have been thru the baby stage before. we had to do something. something. anything.  My husband and I,  Or my mother and I , would drive her from our state, ( in Maryland) to many hospitals, And/or emergency rooms, begging for help. It wasn’t until Grace was 2 years old we got some where. But it wasn’t where we wanted. We got the diagnosis that our beautiful daughter had brain damage, and severe diplegic cerebral palsy.

She was in therapy from birth, due to her being a preemie. So, we continued therapy, and then our journey looking for Dr.s began again. I thought it was going to be easier after we got a diagnosis. That A  DR. Would HAVE to help right? Because we knew what was wrong with her. We didn’t need  A Dr. to find out WHAT was WRONG. we KNEW what was WRONG. We needed a Dr. To help treat the diagnosis. But, we were Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.  We still had to search for a Dr. capable and a dr. who was knowledgeable enough to satisfy our expectations for Graces Care.   We went to countless dr.s and were told countless ridiculous things. I left countless Dr.s offices, wondering if I could go on. But how could I stop? Grace wasn’t stopping. And neither was I.

It wasn’t until Grace was 3 and a half, that we found children’s national medical center in Washington Dc. We met a neurosurgeon that made our dreams come true. We left that appt. knowing it was all going to be all right. It may not be easy , but it will be all right.

Grace has a 4 wheeled posterior walker. But, she refuses to use it a lot. She will walk on her own, independently, but def. not with a “normal like “ walking pattern. Why? Because she was cerebral palsy and walks on her tippy toes. If you walked on your tippy toes, you wouldn’t walk smooth either.

 Grace is in school, in Md. She is in a class, where she isn’t the only one that needs that little bit of help in areas. Whether it be speech, occupational therapy, (like her twin brother) or worse. Her teachers, and therapists have brought her so far. And , If I may say so myself, I think my husband and I had a part in that too. I work with Grace at home, daily. Sometimes for 30 minutes, 2 X a day, sometimes we really get into it, and we find that we put in two hours of therapy.Some days we work an hour in the morning, an hour before school, a half an hour after school, and then of course, stretch before bed. So, we ALL DO HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON-We all want the best life possible for Miss. Gracie Girl, AND we are all willing to do what we have to do, to make that possible. 

 Gracie plays on the playground, and falls down and gets skinned up knees just like all the other kids. She comes home at the end of the day, crabby , whiny and headed for a time out, just like any other kid. She loves baby dolls, and loves caring for them. She also loves to give hugs and kisses.She is the most caring and compassionate, and “love showing”- child, that  I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And she is mine. How blessed am I. She can count to five now all by herself! She knows her colors! And can point to all of her shapes. She likes to play learning games on the computer.  Grace is also Dora’s Biggest Fan. We Have EVERYTHING DORA. Dora Everything everything everything.  Blankets,all the movies, Sippy cups, shoes, bedspreads, and sheets,hats, clothes, socks, book bags, pocketbooks,  Dora dolls, Dora toys,  you name it, we got it. lol. AND- Grace is strictly, a Daddy’s Girl. Grace can make her daddy’s heart melt, in a matter of seconds. Less then a second. Grace is her daddy’s world. And Grace is MY hero. She wakes up , every morning, with a huge, ear to ear, bright, sparkling, smile upon her beautiful little face. If I woke up every morning, and had to be picked up- and carried to the potty, because I couldn’t walk, I don’t know if I would be able to smile. But, my daughter does. She smiles always. And, that, makes her, –my hero.

 She may not be in dance class, like us moms hope when we have little girls. She may not be cruising in her Barbie car down the street, with her pink shade son, but she is determined to do all those things. she can do whatever she wants to do, and we will always stand behind her, to help her reach her dreams.  Jesus has brought her farther. We believe that Jesus is working in her life, and he IS healing her. He is keeping us all strong.

Grace is strong, and determined. If she falls she gets back up. She is my inspiration everyday.

Grace is a beautiful. blue eyed angel, And I believe that God gave her to us, for a lot of different reasons. One being he needed to wake us up. We normally( like many of you) took things for granted. Not a lot. but we did. And Grace has opened my eyes, and my whole family’s  to a whole new world. I have met people in my life, that I would of never met, otherwise. We have grew closer, as a family, and I am so thankful. I am so grateful, for everything I have in my life. I realize that you have to be thankful for everything. Especially the little things. Such as being able to walk to a sink, to wash your hands, all on your own. Being able to get in and out of the car, by yourself. I am thankful that I can eat on my own, and bath myself. Not everyone can do those everyday, “normal” tasks.v For some, like Grace, those everyday “normal” tasks are haunting. They require a lot of focus, and motivation to get the simplest of simple things done. But- my daughter, MY DAUGHTER, GRACE- wants to. she never gives up. she always strives to do her best. Strives to be sweet always. Strives  to make people smile. Strives to show she loves you. Strives to be like everyone else, every single day, but what she don’t know, is that everyday, every single day, I STRIVE TO BE MORE LIKE HER.

God Bless All the families who have extra special kids like Grace. I know what you are going through. I go through it on a daily basis. All the changing emotions. Guilt. Acceptance.Anger. Confusion. Anger because your Happiness, and joy. And sometimes, all of those, all in the same week or day.

I am here for you. If you want to reach out, and have a friend, that you  can talk to, trust, and go to, when you need a friend, that would be me. You  can reach me at a few different places. One of course, being my email. which is: the other place is my blog. Well, I write a blog for grace, about grace, with grace, everything grace & Cerebral palsy. You can follow her story, her struggles, her accomplishments, my struggles, tips, and advice, medical info, pretty much everything you can think of. lol. you should check it out! And of course, pictures, included always.

God Bless you All, Love you All!

Gracie’s Proud Mother.