Cody is 16 years old and stands 6’1″. He was diagnosed with autism at age 2. I thought it was my fault that he was autistic. He has such a super personality and sweet disposition. Everyone just loves him. He has his moments but he is starting to make great strides and is showing independent thinking. If you think about it, everyone has their own obstacles to overcome. When Cody does some things that are considered autistic, I realize that I do them. For example, Cody likes things in a certain place. Well, I believe that things have their own place and am particular about some things but due to having kids, you have to be flexible. Some autistic children HAVE to have things in ONE place all the time. Very rigid. Cody is rather flexible. Cody loves computers, swimming and his mommy. He is now just starting to use sentences. I have a feeling that he is about to just start pouring the words out. I tease everyone that he is probably going to talk non stop. At times, I am probably going to have to tell myself, “At least he’s talking…at least he’s talking”. 

Cody helps out in the Kitchen at school. He loves to work and do things. When getting out of our van, Cody will go through the van and make sure that things that do not belong there are removed. If his brother’s things are lying around the house, he will pick them up and take them to his room. In the beginning, he would just throw it into his brother’s room and turn and run. It was not until this past school year that he has FINALLY started using a sentence. Yes, it may only be one sentence but I think he is on the verge of starting to talk FINALLY!! So excited. I will ask him what he wants. Cody responds, “I want to get…..” and it will deal with whatever he wants at that moment (get in car, work on computer, get shower and so forth. There are times that I notice him THINKING about what he is going to say and sometimes, I will get something new. My boy is getting there.