Bethany B.


Bethany does not have a diagnosis.  She recently observed her 5th birthday.  She is in good health. She has an older sister named Dana, 16 and a younger brother Seth, 7.  Bethany has trouble swallowing think liquids or extremely chunky foods or foods that require a lot of chewing.  You can read more about her and our life at  Currently we have been working with Greenwood Genetics Center to search for a diagnosis.  She has been ruled out for Retts Syndrome and Angelman Syndrome as well as many others.  She gets physical therapy and speech therapy for swallowing.  She will be in kindergarten this August and be receiving adaptive P.E. and occupational therapy.  She will be included in regular ed twice a week for an hour each time.  Some things on my wish list for her include a Sleepsafe bed, a van conversion so she can remain in her wheelchair, and a downstairs bedroom so I don’t need to carry her upstairs.  The top of my list is the Sleepsafe bed because she stands up in her bed and it is very dangerous for her,  Our insurance as most would not pay for any of these items.   Also a diagnosis may get her back into CCS for OT / PT services which would be absolutely wonderful!