Augmentative Communication

Augmentative and alternative communication includes all forms of communication other than speech. People with severe speech or language problems use AAC to supplement or replace speech that is not functional.

Unaided communication systems- rely on the user’s body movements. Examples include gestures, body language, and sign language.

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Aided communication systems -require the use of tools or equipment in addition to the user’s body. Aided communication methods may include writing with paper and pencil, communication books or boards, devices that produce voice output. Electronic communication aids allow the user to use pictures, letters, and/or words and phrases to create messages. VOD (voice output device) can range from simple 1 button/word devices to complex computer-like devices, and even eye gaze selection! “i devices” are also very popular now. (I am currently using the iPad with my daughter~ there are several apps available ranging from free to nearly $200. My son uses basic point to printed pictures communication)

Basic Aided Communication 

PECS info on this site

Boardmaker Picture Communication

Picture Exchange Communication System


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Electronic Aided Communication


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Tobii ATI 

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Enabling Devices


~TapToTalk for the Nintendo DS

iPad/iPhone/iPod Apps