Alexzandria A.

Hello Everyone this is my daughter Alexzandria, she is 5yrs. old and she is my special needs child. When I first came out pregnant with Ally her father and I were thrilled, and throughout my pregnancy I was fine never had any problems with anything. Went to my doctors office regularly and ultrasounds never showed anything wrong. Then on December 4th 2002, was when our bundle of joy came in our lives and in my heart always thought of her as my special daughter. We came home with her and everything was fine. Until one day late at night I was feeding her and my husband was up as well, then after she was feed I noticed she had trouble breathing, then she stopped breathing, I yelled at my husband and call EMS and we gave her CPR. As her pediatrician met us at the hospital they started running test and found that she had RSV and she wasn’t premature or anything she contracted from someone whom was sick. Then they keep her fo further observations, then we got to go home but couldn’t go home until we took CPR classes. Then we had to do CPR more than expected and told the doctor what was going on and we were given a Apnea Montior to see if Whether she had sleep apnea or not. Test results came back negative. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her, then she over came everything, then when we thought the worst was over, at 4 months she had her first Grand-Mal Seizure and didn’t know what it was until we went to the hospital and it happened again and the doctors said that it was a seizure that she was having, at this point my heart sank and I cried. I was so depressed because I didn’t know the first thing to do with a child with this special needs, we had to explain this to her 3 older sisters in case if she had one while they were playing with her. She had a couple more seizures after this then she at 2 yrs. old she was seizure free for 1 yr, then she started doing a blank stare, told her neurologist and he said that was another form of seizure and usually goes unnoticed with children. So then there came more test, and now she is on 3 different meds to control them and have been working very well. She started pre-k this year and she is so smart, before we found the right meds for her she couldn’t swing on swings she was kind of limited on things, but now the meds are wonderful she can swing without falling off. She also has speech delays because of her seizures but she a wonderful little girl and learning so much and catching on slowly but she is getting it. She is just as normal as other kids but just have to do things a different way. What else has helped me is working closely with her teachers and also have joined a support group with the school to better understand her conditions and meet with other parents and share our problems and other things and I am totally for Support group meetings because there everyone knows what you are going through because they have been through it. And now that she is 5yrs old they have diagnosed her with Epilepsy Partial Complex. Thank You all for taking the time to read my story of my daughter.